Tbilisi e-Residents meetup

Christoph Huebner
Event date 10 Jul '19 16:00 - 20:30
Event location Kiwi Vegan Caf√© • 6 Ivane Machabeli St, Tbilisi, 0105, Georgia

We're more than 55,000 e-Residents around the globe now. We all go through the same processes and have similar questions regarding all kinds of business practices, taxation, regulation or payment providers.

So let's meet in person, get to know each other, share experiences and build a network!

This event is hosted by Eerica, the new Estonian e-Residents international chamber association, an NGO founded just this May. One of the founders and board member Christoph will be there, too.

There is no formal program and no speeches. Just come, order a beer and discuss whatever is in your head.